You asked: What happens during each of the 4 phases of mitosis?

1) Prophase: chromatin into chromosomes, the nuclear envelope break down, chromosomes attach to spindle fibres by their centromeres 2) Metaphase: chromosomes line up along the metaphase plate (centre of the cell) 3) Anaphase: sister chromatids are pulled to opposite poles of the cell 4) Telophase: nuclear envelope …

What happens during each of the four phases of mitosis quizlet?

What happens during each of the four phases of mitosis? Write one or two sentences for each phase. Prophase- The genetic material inside the nucleus condenses an the duplicated chromosomes become visible. … Anaphase- The chromosomes separate and move along spindle fibers to opposite ends if the cell.

What occurs during the phases of mitosis?

During mitosis, a eukaryotic cell undergoes a carefully coordinated nuclear division that results in the formation of two genetically identical daughter cells. … Then, at a critical point during interphase (called the S phase), the cell duplicates its chromosomes and ensures its systems are ready for cell division.

Which of the following is the correct order for the four main stages of mitosis quizlet?

prophase, metaphase, anaphase, telophase [This is the order of the main four stages of mitosis.

What are two positive effects of the cell cycle on the human body?

One of the two positive effects of the cell cycle would be how the immune system benefits because the cell cycle makes more white blood cells.

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