You asked: What do students with Down syndrome struggle with in the classroom?

Some of the specific learning difficulties that characterize many children with Down syndrome include: Hearing and vision weakness. Fine motor skill impairment due to low muscle tone. Weak auditory memory.

What do students with Down syndrome struggle with?

Down syndrome can affect learning abilities in different ways, but it usually causes mild to moderate intellectual impairment. Children with Down syndrome have delays in speech and motor skills, and may need help with self-care, such as dressing and grooming.

What difficulties might a child with Down’s syndrome experience in school?

Children with Down’s syndrome frequently have speech and language impairments although the nature of their language learning difficulties can differ substantially between individuals. Both hearing loss and delayed development contribute to language learning.

What are the challenges for Down syndrome?

Having Down syndrome also increases the risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease. Other problems. Down syndrome may also be associated with other health conditions, including endocrine problems, dental problems, seizures, ear infections, and hearing and vision problems.

Can a Down syndrome child look normal?

Some of the children with Mosaic Down syndrome that we know do not actually look as if they have Down syndrome – the usual physical features are not obvious. This raises some important and difficult social issues and identity issues for both parents and children, which parents have discussed with us.

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How do you discipline a child with Down syndrome?

Everyday Tips

  1. Give your child chores around the house. …
  2. Have your child play with other kids who do and don’t have Down syndrome.
  3. Keep your expectations high as your child tries and learns new things.
  4. Make time to play, read, have fun, and go out together.
  5. Support your child in doing day-to-day tasks on their own.

Can children with Down syndrome go to mainstream school?

Children with Down’s syndrome are entitled to a mainstream education, just like everyone else. One of the most powerful and important things you can do for such a child is to accept them, and get to know them.

What are the language and social interaction skills of a child with Down syndrome?

Children with Down syndrome have strengths in the area of vocabulary and pragmatics (social interactive language). They often develop a rich and varied vocabulary as they mature. They have good social interactive skills and use gestures and facial expressions effectively to help themselves communicate.

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