Which of the following best describes meiosis as a type of cell division?

What type of cell division is meiosis?

Meiosis is a type of cell division that reduces the number of chromosomes in the parent cell by half and produces four gamete cells. This process is required to produce egg and sperm cells for sexual reproduction.

Which of the best describes meiosis?

The right answer is It produces male and female sex cells. Meiosis is the process of double cell division allowing the formation of gametes, or sexual cells in eukaryotic organisms. It differs from mitosis, somatic cell division, which takes place only in a time.

Which of the following best describes mitosis and meiosis?

Answer: In Meiosis, cells are divided twice to the give haploid cells ( four cells) with half the number of chromosomes in the original cell, while in mitosis, cells only divide once to give identical cell with the same number of chromosomes as its origin.

Which of the following best describes the function of meiosis?

Answer: The best description of the function of meiosis is that it conserves chromosome number, produces haploid cells.

What are the similarities and differences of mitosis and meiosis?

Mitosis produces two cells from one parent using one division event. But meiosis produces four new child cells with two divisions, each of which has half the genetic material of its parent. Mitosis takes place all over the body, while meiosis only takes place in the sex organs and produces sex cells.

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Why does meiosis have two divisions?

What is the end result of meiosis? From Amy: Q1 = Cells undergoing mitosis just divide once because they are forming two new genetically identical cells where as in meiosis cells require two sets of divisions because they need to make the cell a haploid cell which only has half of the total number of chromosomes.

What word best describes mitosis?

Mitosis is a process where a single cell divides into two identical daughter cells (cell division). During mitosis one cell? divides once to form two identical cells. The major purpose of mitosis is for growth and to replace worn out cells.

Which of the following best describes the role of mitosis?

Answer: Distributing replicated chromosomes to daughter nuclei.

Which phrase best describes the process represented in the diagram?

The phrase that best describes the process represented in the diagram is a zygote dividing by mitosis. … Mitosis is the term referring to the duplication of the genetic material and the division of a cell into two identical cells.

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