What stage do chromosomes become short and thick?

As the prophase progresses, chromosomes become shorter and thicker (due to the condensing of their coils). In each chromosome, the chromonema splits lengthwise into two identical threads or chromonemata (dyads).

Which stage of chromosomes are the thickest and shortest?

The chromosomes appear shortest and thickest during the metaphase and are arranged at the equator and form an apparent plate called as the equatorial or as the metaphase plate thus readily visible. Therefore, this phase is often chosen for karyotyping and for the chromosome analysis.

Why do chromosomes become short and thick in prophase?

It happens so because it is physically easier for short and compact chromosomes to move through the cytoplasm than the very long and twisted interphase chromosomes.

What stage are chromosomes not visible?

During interphase, individual chromosomes are not visible, and the chromatin appears diffuse and unorganized.

What is Spireme stage of chromosome?

, spireme (spī’rem, spī’rēm), Term formerly applied to the first stage of mitosis or meiosis (prophase) during which extended chromosome filaments have the appearance of a loose ball of yarn, on the incorrect supposition that the filaments were continuous and later broke apart to form individual chromosomes.

What three phases are individual chromosomes no longer visible?

It is during interphase, telophase, and cytokinesis that the chromosomes are no longer visible.

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