What is the relationship between DNA and chromosomes and any organism?

The function of DNA is to store hereditary information that can be used to direct the polypeptide sequence of proteins in the body. The genetic code is stored in the DNA. DNA is the chemical of life and can be found within structures known as chromosomes. Chromosomes can be found in the nucleus of the cell.

What is the relationship between chromosomes and DNA quizlet?

DNA contains the instructions, genes, to make proteins that tell what genetic traits the person will have. The DNA along with the proteins make up the chromosomes. The chromosomes are then passed on to the offspring, and with the DNA inside the chromosomes and translation of the genes, its traits are decided.

In the nucleus of each cell, the DNA molecule is packaged into thread-like structures called chromosomes. Each chromosome is made up of DNA tightly coiled many times around proteins called histones that support its structure.

What is the relationship between the chromosomes?

The chromosomes serve as the structure that holds the DNA. The DNA acts as a complete set of instructions that tells our bodies how to develop. Storing more data than any computer, each chromosome contains all the information needed to give you a base for your physical (and emotional) characteristics.

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What is the relationship between genes DNA and proteins Brainly?

Genes are DNA sequences instruct cells to produce particular proteins, which in turn determine traits. Chromosomes are strings of genes. Mutations are changes in gene’s DNA sequence. RNA is somewhat similar to DNA; they both are nucleic acids of nitrogen-containing bases joined by sugar-phosphate backbone.

Is DNA bigger than a chromosome?

If we talk about the uncoiled DNA, then DNA is larger than the chromosome. And if we talk about the coiled DNA, then DNA is smaller than the chromosome. When DNA gets coiled, it becomes smaller in size just in order to fit the nucleus of the cell.

What is the difference between chromatin and DNA?

The DNA is packaged by special proteins called histones to form chromatin. The chromatin further condenses to form chromosomes.

Difference between Chromosomes and Chromatin
Composed of nucleosomes They are condensed chromatin fibers
Unpaired Paired

Why does DNA change from chromatin to chromosomes?

The cellular DNA is replicated during interphase, resulting in the formation of two copies of each chromosome prior to the beginning of mitosis. As the cell enters mitosis, chromatin condensation leads to the formation of metaphase chromosomes consisting of two identical sister chromatids.

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