What is the chemical composition of eukaryotic chromosome?

Eukaryotic chromosomes consist of DNA tightly wound around clusters of histone proteins. Chromatin consists of all the DNA in the nucleus, as well as its associated proteins. There are three basic layers of chromatin scaffolding that results in a condensed DNA molecule.

What is chemical composition of chromosome?

The chemical composition of a chromosome is DNA and proteins(histone). Because chromosome is a supercoiled structure made up by coiling of DNA on the proteins like histone. So the correct option is”DNA and Proteins”.

What are the components of eukaryotic chromosomes quizlet?

what are the components of eukaryotic chromosomes? Sister chromatids are present; cells replenish its energy stores and synthesizes proteins for chromosome manipulation.

What do all human males inherit from their mother?

Men have a single allele of each gene on the X chromosome, inherited from their mother, and a single allele of each gene on the Y chromosome, from their father. Mitochondrial chromosomes are inherited solely from the mother. Men inherit their mother’s mitochondrial genes but do not pass them to their offspring.

Which two chemical compounds make up a chromosome?

What is the composition of a chromosome? Karyotyping was not introduced until the 1950s. However, as early as the 1920s, scientists agreed that chromosomes were made of two chemical substances-deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) and protein.

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What are the 4 types of chromosomes?

On the basis of the location of the centromere, chromosomes are classified into four types: metacentric, submetacentric, acrocentric, and telocentric.

What is the chemical composition of cell wall?

The cell wall is mainly composed of carbohydrate rich materials. The major components of cell wall are cellulose, pectins, hemicelluloses, proteins and phenolics. The cell wall is a biphasic structure consisting of relatively rigid cellulosic microfibril embedded in gel-like non-cellulosic matrix.

What are the different parts of a eukaryotic chromosome?

In prokaryotes, the circular chromosome is contained in the cytoplasm in an area called the nucleoid. In contrast, in eukaryotes, all of the cell’s chromosomes are stored inside a structure called the nucleus. Each eukaryotic chromosome is composed of DNA coiled and condensed around nuclear proteins called histones.

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