What gametes does Ulothrix produce?

The mode of reproduction of Ulothrix is by both asexual method and sexual method. They produce two flagella gametes. Complete answer: Ulothrix is a green alga belonging to the phylum of Chlorophyta.

Which type of gametes are found in Ulothrix?

Ulothrix reproduces vegetatively by fragmentation, asexually by nonmotile resting spores (aplanospores) and motile quadriflagellate spores (zoospores), and sexually by biflagellate gametes. Ulothrix (highly magnified), a type of filamentous green algae.

Is Ulothrix an Isogamete?

The isogametes of Ulothrix are biflagellate. Their size is even smaller than micro zoospores. Hence, option A is the correct answer. Note: The most common method of reproduction in Ulothrix is vegetative method.

Is Ulothrix a Thallophyta?

Thallophyta- Thallophyta are divided into three classes: (i) Chlorophyceae – They are green algae e.g. Ulothrix, cladophora, volvox, spirogyra etc. (iii) Rhodophyceae – commonly called red algae, e.g. Gracilaria, Gelidium and Porphyra etc. (iv) Algae is used as food.

Why spirogyra is called Pond silk?

Spirogyra is called pond silk because (1) Filaments are made up of silk (2) Filaments are slippery to touch (3) It looks like thread (4) All of the above. Spirogyra is free-floating green algae present in freshwater habitats such as ponds, lakes, etc. Spirogyra is commonly known as water silk or pond silk.

What is the shape of Ulothrix?

Note: Ulothrix is a green algae having barrel shaped or cylindrical cells. The cell wall is composed of propectin and cellulose. It lacks its mucilage. As we see the plant cell structure it bears girdle shaped chloroplast.

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