Question: What would happen if a spindle fiber failed to attach properly to the kinetochore of a chromosome?

What happens if all the chromosome kinetochores are not attached to the spindle fibers? It will fail the M checkpoint, the cell cycle cannot proceed if not all chromosomes are attached, mistakes in chromosome separation will be made.

What would be the consequences of a defective checkpoint if the spindle fiber fails to attach to the sister chromatid during meiosis?

Failed alignment of chromosomes leads to mitotic arrest/delay enforced by the spindle checkpoint. If the failed alignment is not corrected, cells can follow several fates. They can undergo cell death directly from mitotic arrest.

What would happen if a spindle fiber failed to attach?

Spindle fiber formation occurs but spindle fibers cannot function properly, i.e. they cannot separate the daughter chromosomes in the division process. … Chromosomes clump in several areas of the cell rather than along the single metaphase plate. Mitosis is disrupted and growth increases.

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What would happens if kinetochores are not attached?

If all the chromosome kinetochores are not attached to spindle fibers, the sister chromatids remain together, delaying anaphase. When this occurs, the M phase checkpoint is not passed.

What happens when the spindle does not attach correctly to a chromosome?

Premature dissociation of the chromatids can lead to chromosome missegregation and aneuploidy in the daughter cells. Thus, the job of the metaphase checkpoint is to prevent this transition into anaphase until the chromosomes are properly attached, before the sister chromatids separate.

What occurs if a cell is damaged beyond repair?

Explanation: Apoptosis is programmed cell death, and it usually occurs when the DNA of the cell is damaged beyond repair. Photosynthesis and glycolysis are normal metabolic processes of the cell, and would not result from irreversible damage.

What do you call the event when the spindle fiber failed to attach to the chromosome?

The failure to properly segregate individual chromosomes during meiosis I and/or sister chromatids during meiosis II is referred to as non-disjunction.

What would happen if you ingested a drug that prevents spindle Fibre formation?

No spindle fibers means that chromosomes would not be separated and there would not be an even division of the DNA. Under both circumstances dead cells could not be replaced and the organism would die.

What would happen if the spindle stopped working during anaphase?

Improper separation during anaphase results in a cell that has an abnormal number of chromosomes. Anaphase is part of mitosis, or the process of cell division. Anaphase is the time during which chromosomes that are lined up in the middle of a cell are pulled apart in two directions, resulting in two new cells.

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What will proceed only after all kinetochores are attached to spindle microtubules?

At the spindle poles, centrosomes (not shown) are a major site of microtubule nucleation. … Meanwhile, the SAC ensures anaphase occurs only when all kinetochores have attached to the spindle.

Would a cell that was missing the kinetochores?

The correct answer would be #1. Kinetochores are where the spindle fibers attach to during cell division to help move the chromosomes around the cell. If kinetochores are missing, then the fibers cannot attach and move it to the metaphase plate in the middle of the cell.

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