Question: What is the genotype of a fly?

However, a fly that has a normal body color may have the homozygous genotype EE or the heterozygous genotype Ee. Things get slightly more complex when considering two genes. For instance, a wild-type fly (with red eyes and a yellow body) has one of four possible genotypes: EEBB, EEBb, EeBB, and EeBb.

How do you write a fly genotype?

The genotype of a curly-winged fly could be Cy/+ or Cy/Cy. An example of a dominantly inherited trait in humans is that for achondroplasia, a form of dwarfism.

What is the genotype for the female fly?

Possible female genotypes

Since the female fly has a yellow body, and the tan body color is the dominant allele, she will be homozygous recessive for yellow body color. Therefore, the female fly will be homozygous for both traits. The genotype is Xw+y Xw+y.

What is the genotype of a male fruit fly?

The sex of the fruit fly Drosophila melanogaster is determined as follows: XX chromosomes give a female and XY give a male. The gene for bar eyes is recessive and located on the X chromosome. A male has a genotype RrTt.

Why do men Mutagenize?

Usually you mutagenize males with EMS or X-rays. Males are used because they don’t need to be virgins. Also they are more resistant to DNA damage, which means they can tolerate enough damage to get useful mutations.

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Is Mkrs a balancer?

are shown in the genotype. See Core Balancer Definitions for a description of the aberrations and markers defined by each balancer symbol used in the Bloomington stock list.

Classical balancers.

Stock # Balancer Chr Genotype
3703 MKRS w[1118]/Dp(1;Y)y[+]; CyO/nub[1] b[1] sna[Sco] lt[1] stw[3]; MKRS/TM6B, Tb[1]

Can a female be Hemizygous?

Females are XX. Males are XY. Since males have only a single copy of the X chromosome, they have only a single allele for any gene on the X chromosome. Males are said to be “hemizygous” for any X-chromosome genes, meaning that there are only half (“hemi”) as many alleles as normally present for a diploid individual.

Can female fruit flies have white eyes?

All of the females and all of the males will have red eyes. All of the females will have white eyes; half of the males will have red eyes, and half of the males will have white eyes.

How do you tell if a fly is male or female?

Sexing flies

The most simple characteristic to use to differentiate the two is to look at the genitalia of the flies. Males have dark, rounded genitalia at the tip of their abdomen, whereas females have light, pointed genitalia.

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