Question: What is the difference between alleles and multiple alleles?

When the copies of a gene differ from each other, they are known as alleles. A given gene may have multiple different alleles, though only two alleles are present at the gene’s locus in any individual.

What is the difference between a trait that has multiple alleles and a trait that is controlled by multiple genes?

Explanation: A trait that is controlled by more than one gene is called polygenic which translates to “multiple genes”. … In that case one gene has more than two alleles. An example of multiple alleles is blood type.

What is the difference between multiple alleles and polygenic traits quizlet?

Multiple alleles are more than 2 different forms of the same gene. Polygenic traits are traits produced by the interaction of severel genes.

Is a multiple an allele?

More than two alternative alleles of a gene are known as multiple alleles in a population occupying the same locus on a chromosome or its homologue. … Multiple alleles express various alternatives of one trait. Different alleles can exhibit codominance, dominance-recessive behaviour or incomplete dominance.

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What are the examples of multiple alleles?

Two human examples of multiple-allele genes are the gene of the ABO blood group system, and the human-leukocyte-associated antigen (HLA) genes. The ABO system in humans is controlled by three alleles, usually referred to as IA, IB, and IO (the “I” stands for isohaemagglutinin).

Is skin color an example of multiple alleles?

Polygenic Inheritance: Human skin color is a good example of polygenic (multiple gene) inheritance. Assume that three “dominant” capital letter genes (A, B and C) control dark pigmentation because more melanin is produced.

What does it mean to have multiple alleles?

Alleles are described as a variant of a gene that exists in two or more forms. Each gene is inherited in two alleles, i.e., one from each parent. Thus, this means there would also be having two different alleles for a trait. … These three or more variants for the same gene are called multiple alleles.

What is an example of a trait controlled by multiple alleles?

An excellent example of multiple allele inheritance is human blood type. Blood type exists as four possible phenotypes: A, B, AB, & O. There are 3 alleles for the gene that determines blood type.

What is the difference between multiple alleles and pleiotropy?

When more than two alternate forms of a gene are found on the locus, it is known as multiple alleles. While pleiotropic genes are genes having a multiple phenotypic effect due to its ability to regulate the expression of a number of traits known as pleiotropic genes.

What does it mean for a trait to have multiple alleles quizlet?

Multiple Alleles. – When three or more alleles control a trait. Example. Blood Types in humans. You just studied 5 terms!

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Why can multiple alleles result?

Why can multiple alleles result in many different phenotypes for a trait? This can happen because the more allele options for a specific gene the more possible combinations and therefore possible phenotypes the organism that has that gene could inherit.

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