Question: How many types of gametes are found in f2 progeny of cross between AaBbCc and AaBbCc?

How many types of gametes are produced by AaBbCc and AaBbCc?

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No. of homologous chromosome pairs (heterozygous genes) No. of different gametes from each parent
1 (Aa X Aa) 2 (21)
2 (AaBb X AaBb) 4 (22)
3 (AaBbCc X AaBbCc) 8 (23)
4 (AaBbCcDd X AaBbCcDd) 16 (24)

How many offsprings will be formed in the mating between AaBbCc and AaBbCc?

Hint: When two individuals are heterozygous for three different traits, the cross done between them is known as a trihybrid cross. Complete answer: For a trihybrid cross, there are 27 unique genotypic combinations.

How many types of gametes are found in F1 progeny of cross between a BB CC and a BB CC?

So, the number of gametes that will be seen in the F1 progeny = 23= 8.

How many types of gametes are found in f1progeny of cross Aabbccand AaBbCc?

A cross between AABBCC and aabbcc genotypes produces F1 hybrid with AaBbCc genotype. Total number of types of gamete produce by an organism is 2n, where n is the number of heterozygous genes present. The hybrid AaBbCc is heterozygous for three genes, thus total possible gametes by it = 23=8.

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What skin color is Aabbcc?

 Someone who is aabbcc would have very light skin color. If a person who had the AABBCC genotype and a person with the aabbcc genotype had children ..  their children would all be the AaBbCc genotype  and have a ‘mid-brown skin’ phenotype.

How many Gamets will be formed from Ttyyrr?

Since given genotype TtRr is heterozygous for two genes, thus total possible gametes by it = 22=4.

How many kinds of gametes can be formed by the f1 individual?

Thus, maximum number of gametes = 8.

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