Is mitosis an exact copy of a cell?

The spindle tubules then shorten and move toward the poles of the cell. As they move, they pull the one copy of each chromosome with them to opposite poles of the cell. This process ensures that each daughter cell will contain one exact copy of the parent cell DNA.

What makes an exact copy of a cell?

As a cell prepares to divide, each chromosome in the nucleus makes an exact copy of itself. This process is called replication.

Do cells make exact copies?

Cells divide to increase their numbers through a process of mitosis, which results in two daughter cells with identical sets of chromosomes. … Your cells are like a photocopier: • The copier reproduces the pages, making p g , g exact copies; and your cells undergo a process that makes exact copies of themselves too.

When a cell makes an exact copy of DNA it is called?

Copying DNA: In the next part of interphase, the cell makes an exact copy of the DNA in its nucleus in a process called replication.

What is an original cell called?

The original cell is called the mother cell and the two new cells are called daughter cells.

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Is DNA always copied perfectly?

DNA replication is not perfect, there occurs error after every 104 to 105 nucleotides added. The integrity of the genome is maintained by the proofreading process of DNA polymerase. This is called proofreading. …

Does DNA replication make an exact copy?

DNA replication is the process of a DNA molecule making a copy of itself. … DNA replication ensures that each daughter cell has an exact copy of the genetic material from the parent cell. DNA replication results in one DNA molecule becoming two daughter molecules —each an exact copy of the original molecule.

Does meiosis make exact copies of cells?

Mitosis allows for cells to produce identical copies of themselves, which means the genetic material is duplicated from parent to daughter cells. By the end of meiosis, the resulting reproductive cells, or gametes, each have 23 genetically unique chromosomes. …

What are two exact copies of DNA?

Chapter 6 Vocabulary – Chromosomes and Cell Reproduction

chromatid (6-1) The two exact copies of DNA that make up each chromosome are called
chromosome (6-1) At the beginning of cell division, DNA and the proteins associated with the DNA coil into a structure called a(n)

Why is it important to make an exact copy of DNA?

An important property of DNA is that it can replicate, or make copies of itself. Each strand of DNA in the double helix can serve as a pattern for duplicating the sequence of bases. This is critical when cells divide because each new cell needs to have an exact copy of the DNA present in the old cell.

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What is the purpose of making an exact copy of DNA?

Why is it important that exact copies of DNA are produced during replication? Producing exact copies of DNA ensures that when a cell divides, the offspring will receive the same genetic information as the parent cell.

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