How many meiosis are required for the formation of 50 embryo sac?

Thus, in order to produce 50 mature ovules, 50 megaspore mother cells will undergo 50 meiotic divisions, one meiosis per megaspore mother cell. This takes the requirement of 50 (in megaspore mother cells) + 13 (in microspore mother cells), i.e., 63 meiotic divisions.

How many meiosis does embryo sac have?

1 meiosis and 3 mitosis.

How many meiosis divisions are needed for 200 eggs?

Four meiotic divisions are required for the formation of four oospheres and only one meiotic division for the formation of four male gametes. Thus 5 meiotic divisions are needed for the formation of 4 seeds and 250 meiotic divisions are required fro the formation of 200 seeds.

How many megaspore will be formed after the meiosis division of 50 Megaspore mother cells?

A megaspore mother cell undergoes meiosis to form four megaspores.

How is embryo sac formed?

An embryo sac is said to form when the haploid megaspore nucleus divides. It possesses two haploid nuclei and six haploid cells which do not have cell walls. … At the event of fertilisation, one male nucleus and egg nucleus combine for the formation of zygote leading to the development of the embryo.

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Is the mother cell of embryo?

A megaspore mother cell is a diploid cell that develops into an embryo sac through two successive processes megasporogenesis and mega gametogenesis. In the first process, there is a one-time meiosis cell division that takes place, and in the second process, there is a three-way mitosis cell division.

How many meiosis is required to form?

A zygote is diploid (2n) in nature and is formed during the fertilization of male gamete with the female gamete. For 50 zygotes, 50 male and 50 female gametes are required. Therefore, 13 meiotic divisions during spermatogenesis produce 52 sperms and 50 meiotic divisions during oogenesis produces 50 eggs.

How many meiotic divisions are necessary for formation of 80 sperms?

Answer: The number of ‘meiotic divisions’ that are necessary for the production of 80 sperms is 20. Explanation: During the process of spermatogenesis, the haploid sperms are produced by the meiotic division that occurs.

How many meiotic divisions are needed for 200?

Now, 1 meiotic division in male produces 4 gametes. So, in order to make 200 male gametes, there will be 50 meiotic divisions in male. In total there are 200+50=250 meiotic divisions required to produce 200 seeds.

How many meiotic divisions are needed for 200 grams of wheat?

So, the correct answer is ‘250

How many meiotic divisions are required to produce?

The meiotic division is involved in the formation of the two types of gametes in an organism, one male gamete, and the other female gamete. The formation of the male gamete requires only one meiotic division which results in four male gametes while the formation of four female gametes requires four meiotic divisions.

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