How does incomplete dominance affect the phenotype of a heterozygote?

In incomplete dominance, the phenotype in a heterozygous individual is visibly less intense than that in an individual homozygous for the dominant allele, so that AA and Aa genotypes produce different phenotypes. Hence, the heterozygote (Aa) will have a phenotype intermediate between that of AA and aa individuals.

How does incomplete dominance affect phenotype?

Codominance and incomplete dominance yield unique phenotypes for heterozygous offspring (Aa). Incomplete dominance results in heterozygotes with intermediate phenotypes, as in the case of snapdragons when parents with red flowers and white flowers are crossed resulting in heterozygous offspring with pink flowers.

Is the phenotype of the heterozygote Intermediate for incomplete dominance?

However, sometimes the heterozygote displays a phenotype that is an intermediate between the phenotypes of both homozygote parents (one of which is homozygous dominant, and the other of which is homozygous recessive). This intermediate phenotype is a demonstration of partial or incomplete dominance.

What is incomplete dominance give an example?

Incomplete dominance is a type of inheritance in which one allele is not completely expressed over its paired allele for a specific trait or character. In this, the F1 hybrid have characters intermediate of the parental genes. For example, flower colour.

What is incomplete dominance Class 12?

Incomplete dominance: ->Incomplete dominance is also called partial dominance or semi-dominance. ->In incomplete dominance, both the alleles in heterozygous condition partially express themselves. ->Here the dominant allele can not completely mask the effect of recessive alleles.

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What is the other name of incomplete dominance?

Complete answer: Incomplete dominance is seen when the dominance of a character over its. a recessive pair is incomplete in nature. It is also called partial dominance or blending inheritance.

What is meant by incomplete dominance?

The situation in which both alleles of a heterozygote influence the phenotype. The phenotype is usually intermediate between the two homozygous phenotypes. The situation in which a heterozygote shows a phenotype somewhere (but not exactly half-way) intermediate between the corresponding homozygote phenotypes.

Is incomplete dominance found in Pisum sativum?

A. Pisum sativum. Complete answer: Incomplete dominance is a kind of intermediate inheritance where one gene is not fully expressed over its paired gene for a specific phenotype. …

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