Frequent question: What occurs during telophase II and the process of cytokinesis that follows it quizlet?

What occurs during telophase II and the process of cytokinesis that follows it? a. Duplicated chromosomes line up along the equator of the cell. … Homologous pairs of chromosomes exchange alleles.

Which of the following occurs during Telophase II?

During telophase II, the fourth step of meiosis II, the chromosomes reach opposite poles, cytokinesis occurs, the two cells produced by meiosis I divide to form four haploid daughter cells, and nuclear envelopes (white in the diagram at right) form.

What happens during telophase II quizlet?

What happens during telophase II of meiosis? The nuclear membrane begins to form around haploid sets of chromosomes. … Homologous chromosomes form and crossing over occurs between them.

What occurs during the interphase that precedes meiosis II?

Meiosis II may begin with interkinesis or interphase II. This differs from interphase I in that no S phase occurs, as the DNA has already been replicated. Thus only a G phase occurs. Meiosis II is known as equational division, as the cells begin as haploid cells and end as haploid cells.

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What is a cell with a complete extra set of chromosomes called quizlet?

Cells that have the complete set of chromosomes are called. Haploid. Cells that have only half of that number are called. meiosis. Process of cell division that results in 4 haploid cells used in sexual reproduction.

What type of cells are formed after telophase II?

Telophase II and Cytokinesis

Cytokinesis separates the two cells into four unique haploid cells. At this point, the newly formed nuclei are both haploid.

What is the correct order of these meiotic events?

The correct order of mitotic events which occur during meiosis is: Formation of synaptonemal complex, recombination, separation of homologous chromosomes, separation of sister chromatids.

What happens during telophase quizlet?

What happens during Telophase? A nucleolus forms in each side. A new nuclear membrane forms around each new set of chromosomes, each with the same number of chromosomes as the original cell. Cytokinesis finishes the process by splitting the cell in 2.

What happens during telophase I?

What Happens during Telophase? During telophase, the chromosomes arrive at the cell poles, the mitotic spindle disassembles, and the vesicles that contain fragments of the original nuclear membrane assemble around the two sets of chromosomes. Phosphatases then dephosphorylate the lamins at each end of the cell.

What happens between meiosis I and meiosis II that reduces the number of chromosomes?

In meiosis I homologous pairs align and are separated reducing the number of chromosomes by half. In meiosis II the dyads align and sister chromatids are separated.

What is a complete set of chromosomes called?

A genome is an organism’s complete set of DNA, including all of its genes. Each genome contains all of the information needed to build and maintain that organism. In humans, a copy of the entire genome more than 3 billion DNA base pairs is contained in all cells that have a nucleus.

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What is it called when chromosomes split into two daughter cells randomly?

During meiosis, chromosomes will split into daughter cells randomly, making each gamete unique. This is called Independent Assortment.

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