Does Down syndrome make you gain weight?

Adolescents and adults with Down Syndrome tend to be shorter than their peers, and have a lower resting metabolic rate of 10-15% than the general population which further predisposes to weight gain.

Why do Down’s syndrome people gain weight?

Leptin is a hormone that contributes to appetite regulation and satiety. There is some data that show that individuals with Down syndrome have increased leptin levels which correlates with higher rates of obesity.

Is obesity common in Down syndrome?

Studies report that obesity is more prevalent in individuals with Down syndrome than individuals with intellectual disabilities (ID) not associated with Down syndrome.

Are all kids with Down syndrome overweight?

Gameren-Oosterom and her colleagues found 25.5 percent of boys with Down syndrome were overweight and 4.2 percent were obese. Among girls with the condition, 32 percent were overweight and 5.1 percent obese, they report in the medical journal Pediatrics.

How can an adult with Down syndrome lose weight?

Weight Management for Adults with Down Syndrome

  1. Lowering portion sizes.
  2. Emphasizing healthy ingredients that increase bulk (like fiber, fruits and vegetables)
  3. Making smart choices on drinks and desserts.
  4. Avoiding snacks.
  5. Empowering adults to monitor their own weight.

Does Down syndrome affect your height?

As they grow individuals with Down syndrome often fall behind their typical peers. Adult males have an average height of 5 feet 2 inches and women reach about 41/2 feet. People with Down syndrome often have smaller hands and feet.

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Can Down syndrome be prevented?

Down syndrome can’t be prevented, but parents can take steps that may reduce the risk. The older the mother, the higher the risk of having a baby with Down syndrome. Women can reduce the risk of Down syndrome by giving birth before age 35.

Can two parents with Down syndrome have a normal baby?

Any couple can have a baby with Down’s syndrome, but it is well known that older women are more likely to have a baby with the condition than younger women.

Can someone with Down syndrome drive?

Down Syndrome Driving Classses

Many people with Down Syndrome lead independent lives, this includes being able to drive. If a person with Down syndrome can read and pass a driver’s education class and pass a road test, then they can get a driver’s license.

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