Your question: Does meiosis produce haploid or diploid cells quizlet?

Mitosis – results in the production of two genetically identical diploid cells. Meiosis – results in the production of four genetically unique haploid cells (half # of chromosomes as parent cell).

Does meiosis produce haploid or diploid cells?

The process results in four daughter cells that are haploid, which means they contain half the number of chromosomes of the diploid parent cell. Meiosis has both similarities to and differences from mitosis, which is a cell division process in which a parent cell produces two identical daughter cells.

What cells undergo meiosis does meiosis produce haploid or diploid cells quizlet?

Examples include meiosis produces haploid gametes, where as mitosis produces somatic cells:meiosis involves 2 divisions, mitosis involves only 1 division; mitosis produces genetically identical daughter cells, meiosis produces genetically unique daughter cells.

How many diploid cells are produced in meiosis quizlet?

Mitosis produces 2 daughter cells which are genetically identical to the parent cell. Each daughter cell is diploid (contains the normal number of chromosomes). Meiosis produces 4 daughter cells, each of which are unidentical to the parent cell and to one another.

Does meiosis 1 produce diploid cells?

During meiosis I, the cell is diploid because the homologous chromosomes are still located within the same cell membrane.

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Which type of cell would undergo meiosis quizlet?

What types of cells undergo meiosis? Only those that produce gametes, e.g. eggs in females and sperm in males. You just studied 43 terms!

What type of cells undergo meiosis?

Whereas somatic cells undergo mitosis to proliferate, the germ cells undergo meiosis to produce haploid gametes (the sperm and the egg).

Can haploid cells undergo meiosis quizlet?

ONLY DIPLOID cells can undergo MEIOSIS (because haploid cells have only a SINGLE SET of chromosomes that can be FURTHER REDUCED!!!!) You just studied 12 terms!

What cells does mitosis produce?

Mitosis results in two identical daughter cells, whereas meiosis results in four sex cells.

Why do Chiasmata form during meiosis quizlet?

Why do chiasmata form during meiosis? Chiasmata form and genetic material is exchanged between chromatids of homologous chromosomes to provide genetic variation in each daughter cell.

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