Why does a gamete have half the number of chromosomes?

Gametes are reproductive cells, such as sperm and egg. As gametes are produced, the number of chromosomes must be reduced by half. … The zygote must contain genetic information from the mother and from the father, so the gametes must contain half of the chromosomes found in normal body cells.

Why do gametes have half the number of chromosomes quizlet?

– each gamete cell produced by an organism receives one chromosome from each homologous pair, so gametes contain half the normal chromosome number ! … -because when sperm and egg fuse, the zygote formed will contain the normal diploid number of chromosomes characteristic of the species.

Why do gametes have only 23 chromosomes?

Reason: Meiosis contains two rounds of cell division without DNA replication in between. This process reduces the number of chromosomes by half. Human cells have 23 pairs of chromosomes, and each chromosome within a pair is called a homologous chromosome. … Therefore, gametes have only 23 chromosomes, not 23 pairs.

What is the end result of meiosis II in animal cells?

Meiosis II

The end result is production of four haploid cells (n chromosomes, 23 in humans) from the two haploid cells (with n chromosomes, each consisting of two sister chromatids) produced in meiosis I.

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