Why are individual chromosomes only visible during mitosis What is the advantage of this?

Individual chromosomes are more difficult to see during interphase because they are not tightly coiled and condensed. During mitosis they are tightly coiled, making them easier to see. In anaphase I of mitosis, sister chromatids separate.

Why are chromosomes an advantage during mitosis?

During mitosis, the chromosomes condense so that each chromosome is a distinct unit. Prior to mitosis, the cell copies its DNA so that it contains two copies of each chromosome. … Condensing the DNA into tightly packed chromosomes makes the process of chromosome alignment and separation during mitosis more efficient.

Why are individual chromosomes visible only during mitosis quizlet?

Eukaryotic chromosomes contain both DNA and protein, packed together to form this. … Why are individual chromosomes visible only during mitosis? The fibers formed from nucleosomes packing together are dispersed in the nucleus during most of the cell cycle.

Why are the chromosomes not visible in most cell?

No , chromosomes are not visible during the Interphase of cell cycle bcoz of more water content in the nucleus. As water content is more in the nucleus . they appear as fine thread like structures called chromatin , which condenses ( Loose water ) to form compact structures called chromosomes.

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What advantage do chromosomes provide cells?

In eukaryotic cells, DNA is packaged with proteins into structures called chromosomes. What advantage do chromosomes provide the cell? A. They allow all genes to be expressed at the same time.

How does human life depend on mitosis?

Replacement and regeneration of new cells– Regeneration and replacement of worn-out and damaged tissues is a very important function of mitosis in living organisms. Mitosis helps in the production of identical copies of cells and thus helps in repairing the damaged tissue or replacing the worn-out cells.

Is the following sentence true or false the E coli chromosome is longer than the diameter of an individual E coli bacterium?

All organisms have the same number of chromosomes. 5. … coli chromosome is longer than the diameter of an individual E. coli bacterium.

What is a major difference of mitosis and meiosis when it comes to the number of cell divisions?

Cells divide and reproduce in two ways, mitosis and meiosis. Mitosis results in two identical daughter cells, whereas meiosis results in four sex cells.

Is the following sentence true or false in eukaryotic chromosomes DNA replication begins only at 1 point?

In eukaryotic chromosomes, DNA replication begins at a single point in the chromosome and proceeds in two directions. … Each DNA molecule resulting from replication has one original strand and one new strand.

Is chromosome visible in interphase?

During interphase, individual chromosomes are not visible, and the chromatin appears diffuse and unorganized.

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