Which of the following is correct for anaphase?

So, the correct option is ‘Centromeres split and chromatids separate’

Which of the following is a feature of anaphase?

During anaphase, each pair of chromosomes is separated into two identical, independent chromosomes. The chromosomes are separated by a structure called the mitotic spindle. … The separated chromosomes are then pulled by the spindle to opposite poles of the cell.

Which of the following is not true for anaphase?

(A) Golgi body and endoplasmic reticulum are reformed. Reformation of organelles is a key event of telophase. This stands not true for anaphase and hence this is the correct answer. The other Options (B), (C), and (D) are the key events of anaphase stage.

What are the 3 events of anaphase?

In anaphase, cohesin proteins binding the sister chromatids together break down. sister chromatids (now called chromosomes) are pulled toward opposite poles.

In prophase,

  • chromosomes condense and become visible.
  • spindle fibers emerge from the centrosomes.
  • nuclear envelope breaks down.
  • nucleolus disappears.

What is correct wrt anaphase?

Centromeres split and chromatids separate.

What are the two parts of cell division?

There are two types of cell division: mitosis and meiosis. Most of the time when people refer to “cell division,” they mean mitosis, the process of making new body cells.

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What happens in Diplotene phase?

The late stage of prophase I of meiosis I in which homologous chromosome pairs begin to separate and move away from one another except at chiasmata. Meiosis is form of cell division that gives rise to genetically diverse sex cells or gametes.

How cell plate is formed?

A cell plate formed by the fusion of the vesicles of the phragmoplast grows from the center toward the cell walls, and the membranes of the vesicles fuse to form a plasma membrane that divides the cell in two. In plant cells, a new cell wall must form between the daughter cells.

Why is it called anaphase?

Anaphase is a stage in cell division that happens towards the end of mitosis. During anaphase, chromosomes move away from each other. … Anaphase was first coined in German, from the Greek ana-, “back.”

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