What is genome Shaalaa com?

What is genome by Shaalaa com?

Solution. The term genome refers to the total genetic constitution of an organism. OR. It is a complete copy of genetic information (DNA) or one complete set of chromosomes (monoploid or haploid) of an organism.

What are the applications of genomics Shaalaa com?

Applications of Genomics:

Genomics is used in agriculture to develop transgenic crops having more desirable characters. Genetic markers developed in genomics, have applications in forensic analysis. Genomics can lead to introducing new genes in microbes to produce enzymes, therapeutic proteins, and even biofuels.

What is Holandric trait?

Complete answer: Holandric traits are the traits that are passed from male to male only that is from father to son. There are two sex hormones present in human male X and Y. But the X chromosome is common to both male and female. … These are called holandric traits.

How biotechnology is applicable with respect to genome?

Following are the applications of biotechnology with respect to genomics: Whole genome sequencing, Identifying gene function.

What are functional studies?

Functional genomics is the study of how genes and intergenic regions of the genome contribute to different biological processes. … Functional genomics focuses on the dynamic expression of gene products in a specific context, for example, at a specific developmental stage or during a disease.

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What are the applications of genomics Brainly?

Explanation: The most commonly-known application of genomics is to understand and find cures for diseases. Predicting the risk of disease involves screening currently-healthy individuals by genome analysis at the individual level. Intervention with lifestyle changes and drugs can be recommended before disease onset.

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