What are chromosomes that carry the same gene called?

In a homologous pair, one chromosome comes from the mother, and one chromosome comes from the father. Homologous chromosomes are very similar, but they are not identical. They carry the same genes (eg, hair or eye color), but they may not code for the same trait (eg, blonde hair or brown eyes).

What is it called when chromosomes have the same genes?

Homologous chromosomes are chromosomes which contain the same genes in the same order along their chromosomal arms. There are two main properties of homologous chromosomes: the length of chromosomal arms and the placement of the centromere.

What chromosome can carry genes?

As well as determining sex, the sex chromosomes carry genes that control other body functions. There are many genes located on the X chromosome, but only a few on the Y chromosome. Genes that are on the X chromosome are said to be X-linked. Genes that are on the Y chromosome are said to be Y-linked.

What happens if you have 50 chromosomes?

These findings show that initial hyperdiploidy (greater than 50 chromosomes) is an independent favorable prognostic sign in childhood ALL and additional chromosomal structural abnormalities may not indicate a poor prognosis among childhood ALL with hyperdiploidy (greater than 50 chromosomes).

Do all cells have homologous chromosomes?

All cells have homologous chromosomes except for the reproductive cells of higher organisms. Cells with homologous chromosomes are diploid. Reproductive cells, called gametes, are different. They contain only half the full number of chromosomes—one chromosome from each pair.

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