Quick Answer: Where does the fusion of male and female gametes generally takes place * 2 points?

The fusion of male and female gametes takes place in the embryo sac. In plants, reproduction takes place in flowers. A flower is the main reproductive organ.

How does fusion of male and female gametes takes place in plants Class 10?

The male flowers, known as the stamens, produce the pollen grains(male plant gametes) from their anthers. The female reproductive plant organ is known as the pistil. The pistil comprises of the stigma, style and ovary(which contains the ovules). … The fusion of the two gametes( female and male ) forms the plant zygote.

Where does the fusion of gametes occur?

Because the egg and sperm cells exist as a hemi-protoplast and as protoplasts in the embryo sac, respectively, to allow membrane fusion between gametes, it is possible that gamete fusion can occur around the chalazal surface of the egg cell, except for where it is attached to synergids (Fig. 1A).

Is the process of fusion of gametes?

Fertilization is the process of the fusion of gametes (male and female gametes ) and result in the formation of zygote .

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Are all seeds formed through fusion of male and female gametes?

Asexual reproduction. Asexual reproduction does not involve the production and fusion of male and female gametes. … and is distinguished from apomixis, which is a replacement of sexual reproduction, and in some cases involves seeds. Apomixis occurs in many plant species and also in some non-plant organisms.

What is the function of anther How does Fusion?

Anther is responsible for the formation of pollen grains. Pollen grains, when formed, are stored inside the anther when pollen matures they exert pressure on the inside wall of anther causing it to burst and release the pollen outside. Now these pollens reaches the stigma of the female flower by pollinators.

What does Syngamy mean?

: sexual reproduction by union of gametes : fertilization.

What happens after gamete fusion?

After fusion or fertilization these two gametes fused to create a zygote which is diploid (2n) after furthermore changes during this zygote it’ll grow to be a replacement individual. A zygote could be a eukaryotic cell formed by a fertilization event between two gametes.

What does fusion of gametes produce?

We Define Fusion of Gametes as Fertilization

The male gamete (sperm) fuses with the female gamete (egg) in order to create a fertilized zygote. This zygote has the diploid number of chromosomes and will eventually develop into an embryo.

Can you give me a name A I am the result of fusion of male & female gametes?

The process of fusion of the male and the female gametes is called fertilisation. The main motive of all living organisms is to produce offsprings to the next generation. In the sexual reproduction, the fusion of male gamete and female gamete forms zygote.

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