Quick Answer: Are people with Turner syndrome mentally challenged?

Unlike some other genetic conditions, Turner Syndrome does not cause mental retardation or decreased intelligence. However some girls with Turner Syndrome have learning disabilities, especially in areas involving spatial skills, such as math.

Is Turner syndrome associated with mental retardation?

The HOPA gene is associated with mental retardation, thyroid dysfunction, and neuropsychiatric disorders. HOPA gene product belongs to the thyroid receptor associated protein that codes for a coactivators for thyroid hormone receptor14).

Does Turner syndrome affect mental development?

Females with Turner syndrome (TS) often demonstrate a unique cognitive profile characterized by relative strengths in verbal domains and weaknesses in visual-spatial and executive areas. Several studies also suggest that girls with TS are at risk for social cognitive and emotion processing difficulties.

Does Turner syndrome have intellectual disability?

Unlike those with autosomal abnormalities (i.e., Down syndrome), affected individuals usually do not suffer global intellectual disability. Instead, sex chromosome abnormalities often lead to learning disabilities and difficulty in specific cognitive domains (Ross et al., 2002).

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What is the quality of life for someone with Turner syndrome?

We conclude that quality of life is normal and unaffected by height in young adults with Turner’s syndrome treated with GH. These data emphasize the need to give appropriate attention to general health and otological care rather than focus on stature in the care of children with Turner’s syndrome.

Does Turner syndrome come from Mom or Dad?

Turner syndrome is not caused by anything the parents did or did not do. The disorder is a random error in cell division that happens when a parent’s reproductive cells are being formed. Girls born with the X condition in only some of their cells have mosaic Turner syndrome.

What is the male version of Turner syndrome?

Consequently, in the past, Noonan syndrome has been referred to as “male Turner syndrome,” “female pseudo-Turner syndrome,” or “Turner phenotype with normal chromosomes karyotype.” However, there are many important differences between the two disorders.

Can a woman with Turner’s syndrome have a baby?

Most women with Turner syndrome cannot get pregnant naturally. Those who can are at risk for blood pressure-related complications, which can lead to premature birth or fetal growth restriction. Pregnancy also is associated with increased risk for maternal complications, including aortic dissection and rupture.

What is the average life expectancy of someone with Turner’s syndrome?

The survival rate of people with Turner syndrome is typically good. Life expectancy is slightly shorter than average but can be improved by treating underlying chronic illnesses, such as obesity and hypertension.

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What are the chances of having a baby with Turner syndrome?

Turner syndrome may cause up to 10% of all first trimester miscarriages. Women with Turner syndrome who conceive naturally have a 30% chance of having a fetus with chromosome abnormalities or congenital anomalies ( birth defects ) and should be offered prenatal testing.

What race is Turner syndrome most common in?

During 2012-2016 (average) in North Carolina, Turner syndrome was highest for American Indian infants (5.1 in 10,000 live female births), followed by whites (2.3 in 10,000 live female births), Hispanics (1.8 in 10,000 live female births), blacks (1.1 in 10,000 live female births) and Asians (0.8 in 10,000 live female …

Can Turner syndrome be cured?

There’s no cure for Turner syndrome but many of the associated symptoms can be treated.

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