Question: Is straight hairline controlled by a gene with multiple alleles?

For example, the allele for a widow’s peak, which is a hairline that comes to a point in the middle of the forehead, is dominant over the allele for a straight hairline. … Such a gene is said to have multiple alleles—three or more forms of a gene that code for a single trait.

Is hairline controlled by multiple alleles?

Most genes have two or more variations, called alleles. For example, the gene for hairline shape has two alleles – widow’s peak or straight. … For example, the allele for widow’s peak is dominant and the allele for straight hairline is recessive.

Which of the following traits is controlled by a gene with multiple alleles?

The best characterized example of multiple alleles in humans is the ABO blood groups, discussed in the Non-Mendelian Inheritance concept. Other human traits determined by multiple alleles would be hair color, hair texture, eye color, built, physical structures, etc.

What is controlled by multiple alleles?

The majority of human genes are thought to have more than two normal versions or alleles. Traits controlled by a single gene with more than two alleles are called multiple allele traits. An example is ABO blood type.

Multiple Allele Traits.

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Genotype Phenotype (blood type)
ii O

Which of these traits is controlled by a gene with multiple alleles quizlet?

A trait controlled by one gene but multiple alleles is blood type. There are 4 phenotypes: A, B, AB, O. Types A and B are codominant, and O is recessive to A and B. None are dominant.

What are multiple alleles examples?

Two human examples of multiple-allele genes are the gene of the ABO blood group system, and the human-leukocyte-associated antigen (HLA) genes. The ABO system in humans is controlled by three alleles, usually referred to as IA, IB, and IO (the “I” stands for isohaemagglutinin).

How is epistasis different from multiple alleles?

Summary. Traits controlled by more than two alleles have multiple alleles. Many genes have multiple phenotypic effects, a property called pleiotropy. Epistasis is when a gene at one location (locus) alters the phenotypic expression of a gene at another locus.

Is skin color controlled by multiple alleles?

Polygenic Inheritance: Human skin color is a good example of polygenic (multiple gene) inheritance. … The “recessive”alleles of these three genes (a, b & c) control light pigmentation because lower amounts of melanin are produced.

What are three ways in which human traits are controlled?

Terms in this set (12) Some human traits are controlled by single genes with two alleles, while others by single genes with multiple alleles. Still other traits are controlled by many genes that act together. Many human traits are controlled by a single gene with one dominant allele, and one recessive.

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