Is hair cells mitosis or meiosis?

Mitosis is the division of somatic or non-reproductive cells of all types in your body. These types of cells are in your hair, skin, organs, muscles and your body’s tissues. Meiosis is the division of reproductive cells in your body and includes female eggs or male sperm cells.

Does mitosis occur in hair?

Mitosis occurs in hair follicles. Explanation: Mitosis only occurs in somatic cells that proliferate whereas meiosis occurs in reproductive or germ…

What type of cells undergo meiosis and mitosis?

Whereas somatic cells undergo mitosis to proliferate, the germ cells undergo meiosis to produce haploid gametes (the sperm and the egg). The development of a new progeny organism is then initiated by the fusion of these gametes at fertilization.

Where does mitosis occur in our body?

Mitosis occurs in the cells for growth and for repair and replacement of the damaged and dead cells. Mitosis occurs actively in the bone marrow and skin cells to replace cells, which have a limited lifespan.

How does meiosis occur in humans?

In humans, meiosis is the process by which sperm cells and egg cells are produced. In the male, meiosis takes place after puberty. Diploid cells within the testes undergo meiosis to produce haploid sperm cells with 23 chromosomes. … At puberty, meiosis resumes.

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