Is chromosome in a sentence?

Yeah, he has an extra chromosome. They study the chromosome cells to determine likely speed, muscular strength and velocity. The woman in our distant ancestry who carried the mitochondrial chromosomes from which all the human mitochondrial chromosomes of the present time are descended.

What is an example sentence for chromosome?

This occurs when males are born with an extra X chromosome. He looks as though he is made of anger issues and extra Y chromosomes. Most of the genetic information in the cell is coded in the DNA of the chromosomes of the nucleus. You have two sets of chromosomes, making a total of 46 altogether.

What is chromosome in your own words?

A chromosome is a strand of DNA that is encoded with genes. In most cells, humans have 22 pairs of these chromosomes plus the two sex chromosomes (XX in females and XY in males) for a total of 46.

What is chromosome and example?

The definition of a chromosome is a thread-like structure of DNA (nucleic acids and proteins) that carries genes. The “X” or “Y” gene that determines whether you will be a boy or a girl is an example of a chromosome. noun.

What is a chromosome and its function?

Chromosomes are composed of DNA, histones, non-histone proteins, RNA and nucleic acids that help in the overall functioning of the cell for growth, reproduction and survival. Chromosomes have huge participation in body processes like cell division, replication, and creation of daughter cells.

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How many genes are in a chromosome?

Chromosome 1 likely contains 2,000 to 2,100 genes that provide instructions for making proteins.

What are some examples of chromosome?

Examples of chromosomal disorders

  • Down’s syndrome or trisomy 21.
  • Edward’s syndrome or trisomy 18.
  • Patau syndrome or trisomy 13.
  • Cri du chat syndrome or 5p minus syndrome (partial deletion of short arm of chromosome 5)
  • Wolf-Hirschhorn syndrome or deletion 4p syndrome.
  • Jacobsen syndrome or 11q deletion disorder.
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