In which fungi both male and female gametes are motile?

The smaller gamete is considered to be male (a sperm cell), whereas the larger gamete is regarded as female (typically an egg cell, if non-motile). There are several types of anisogamy. Both gametes may be flagellated and therefore motile.

In which organism both male and female gametes are motile?

In some species of fungi and algae, female and male gametes are motile and almost identical. Higher animals, plants, and some species of fungi and algae show a particular type of anisogamy known as oogamy. In oogamy, the female gamete is much larger than the male sex cell, and it is non-motile.

In which fungi and algae both male and female gametes are motile?

b. Gamete Transfer – in majority of organisms, male gametes are motile and females gametes are non-motile, except in fungi and algae in which both gametes are motile. In simple plants like algae, fungi, bryophytes and pteridophytes water is the medium through which male and female gametes moves.

Which algae produce motile male gametes?

Option (3) Cladophora is the answer. Cladophora is an example of algae that produces motile homogametes. Male and female gametes have similar morphology. Volvox and Fucus are examples of oogamous reproduction, where the female gamete is large, non-motile and the male gamete is small, motile.

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Is male gamete motile in Chara?

Oogamy is a type of sexual reproduction in lower group of plant, e.g., Chlamydomonas, Fucus, Chara and Volvox. In this type of reproduction, the female gamete (egg) is big and non-motile; while male gamete (sperm) is small and motile.

In which fungi both gametes are motile?

There are several types of anisogamy. Both gametes may be flagellated and therefore motile. Alternatively, both of the gametes may be non-flagellated. The latter situation occurs in some algae and plants.

Is BGA motile?

Cynophyceae (blue green algae) reproduce by simple division/fragmentation or nonmotile spores and do not exhibit any motile phase during the life cycle.

Is Cladophora Homogametic?

When the male and female gamete cannot be differentiated morphologically, the gametes are known as homogametes or isogametes. For example, Cladophora (an algae). When male and female gamete can be differentiated morphologically, such gametes are known as heterogametes.

Which male gamete is non-motile?

Non-motile sperm is an advanced character in Pinus.

Are gametes non motile in potato?

stationary in all, except. (1) Sweet potato (2) Marchantia. Male gamete is motile and female gamete is stationary in most of the organisms. …

Is Chara dioecious plant?

Monoecious and dioecious plants

Chara “monoecious ” : Chara is a monoecious organism as both male and female reproductive structures are in the same organisms.

Does Cladophora have Isogametes?

2) Cladophora is reticulated filamentous green algae. In this, the sexual reproduction is isogamous. Pinus looks like a cone and they are the largest genus of conifers.

(4) Isogametes of Chara Heterogametes of Synchytrium
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