In what proportion the genotype AaBb AaBb AaBb and AaBb are produced in a typical Dihybrid F2 generation?

1 : 2 : 2 : 1.

When AaBb and AaBb are crossed in the F2 generation the ratio of AaBb will be?

Probability of AaBb in F2 generation= 4/16. Correct answer is D.

When a Dihybrid AaBb is Selfed then the genotypes AaBb AaBb AaBb AaBb would be in a proportion of?


What is ratio for recessive epistasis?

A. 12:3:1. Hint: In recessive epistasis the phenotypic expression of one allele is suppressed due to the allele of another gene, which is in homozygous recessive condition. … So, the ratio of recessive epistasis comes out to be 9:3:4.

What is the ratio of dominant epistasis?

Dominant epistasis- When the expression of both dominant and recessive alleles is masked by a dominant allele from another locus, it is called as dominant epistasis. Its ratio – 12:3:1.

What will be the phenotypic ratio of F2 generation if AaBb is crossed with AaBb?

9:3:3:1 is the phenotypic ratio of F2 -generation when the parents are having Aabb x aaBB alleles.

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