How many mitotic generations are needed for a single cell to 128?

Hence 7 mitotic divisions cell needed for a single cell to make 128 cells.

How many mitosis needed 128 cells?

7 mitotic divisions required to produce 128 cells from a single cell.

What will be the total number of mitotic division in a cell to form 128 daughter cells?

Complete answer:

The cell will have to divide 7 times mitotically, to form 128 cells. The number of times a cell will have to divide mitotically is calculated by the formula 2n, where n is the number of times the cell is dividing.

How many cell divisions would it take to produce 128?

It would take FIVE cell divisions for one original cell to produce 128 new cells. The two rod-like parts that make up a chromosome are called CHROMATIDS.

How many generations are required by a cell?

A single mitotic division of one cell produces two cells. 2nd division produces 4 cells and so on. Therefore 7 generations are required to produce 128 cells.

How many mitotic divisions are needed for 100 cells?

Hence, the correct answer is 125 meiosis divisions will be done for the formation of 100 zygotes in humans.

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How many total mitotic divisions are required to produce 124 root cells?

In mitosis cell division, each cell produces two daughter cells. 8 generations of mitosis are required to produce 256 cells from one cell. In every generation each daughter cell also undergoes mitotic division. So total 255 mitotic divisions are required.

How many generations of mitosis are required for 32 cells?

5 successive generations of mitosis must occur to produce 32 cells.

How many meiotic divisions are necessary for formation of 80 sperms?

Answer: The number of ‘meiotic divisions’ that are necessary for the production of 80 sperms is 20. Explanation: During the process of spermatogenesis, the haploid sperms are produced by the meiotic division that occurs.

How do you determine the number of mitotic divisions?

In mitosis one cell divides in two and both daughter cells have identical sets of chromosomes to the parent cell. 8. Formula of mitosis: (2n × 2) / 2.

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