How many mitotic divisions are needed to form 100 seeds?

Only one fuses with egg to produce zygote, becomes seed containing embryo. To form 100 seeds, 100 generative cells are required which are ptoduced by 100 mitotic divisions in microspore.

How many cell divisions are needed for 100 seeds?

Thus, for producing 100 seeds 100 division in 100 microspore mother cells and 100 divisons in 100 megaspore mother cells will take place. Thus, in all 200 meiotic divisons are required to produce 100 seeds.

How many meiotic divisions are required to form 100 seeds capsella?

250 meiotic divisions are required for the formation of 200 seeds of Capsella.

How many mitotic divisions are required to produce 120 seeds?

Each microspore develops into a pollen grain( male gamete). So, for getting 120 male gametes, we require= 120/4 = 30 meiotic divisions.

How many mitotic divisions are required to produce 50 seeds?

Thus, in order to produce 50 mature ovules, 50 megaspore mother cells will undergo 50 meiotic divisions, one meiosis per megaspore mother cell. This takes the requirement of 50 (in megaspore mother cells) + 13 (in microspore mother cells), i.e., 63 meiotic divisions.

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How many meiotic divisions are required to produce 101 seeds?

Thus 26 meiosis (104 pollens) are required to produce 101 pollen grains for fertilization of 101 ovules to produce 101 maize seed. Thus a minimum of 27 meiosis is required.

How many meiotic divisions are required to produce 480 seeds?

One seed will be formed from one sperm and one egg. Thus,we need 480 eggs and so it will have 480 meiotic divisions and we need 480 sperms from the 120 meiotic divisions ( one pollen mother cell produces 4 pollen grains from 1 meiotic division).

How many meiotic divisions are required to produce 300 seeds?

Similarly, four pollens can be produced through one meiotic division in male gametes. So, 75 meiotic divisions give 300 pollen.

How many mitotic and meiotic divisions are required to form a Megaspore?

Comparative Reproduction

From the remaining functional megaspore, the megagametophyte (also known as female gametophyte or embryo sac) develops by three mitotic divisions, at the mature stage consisting of 8 nuclei and 7 cells (one egg cell, two synergids, one central cell and three antipodals).

How many generations of mitosis are required for 64 cells?

1-2-4-8-16-32-64-128 so total 7 generation req. Since Mitosis is an equational division process and it produces two daughter cells from the single parent cells.

How many meiotic divisions are required to produce 40 seeds?

According to this rule, the Total number of meiotic divisions required to produce 40 seeds in Capsella plant will be equal to 50 (40 + 40/4). Hence, option (1) is correct.

How are mitotic divisions calculated?

In mitosis one cell divides in two and both daughter cells have identical sets of chromosomes to the parent cell. 8. Formula of mitosis: (2n × 2) / 2.

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