How many meiotic divisions are required to produce 104 make gametes?

Considering the male gametogenesis,we know that one SMC on meiosis produces 4 male gametes which then get packed as a tetrad. so,for 104, 1/4 x 104=26 meiotic division.

How many meiosis are required for the formation of 104 male gametes from Microspore mother cell?

Answer: Each microspore mother cell undergoes meiosis to form 4 haploid micropores. Each microspore (pollen grain ) develops into male gametophyte that produces male gamete. Thus one meiotic division produces 4 micropores and consequently 4 male gametes.

How many meiotic divisions are required for 24 male gametes?

Complete answer:

The formation of the male gamete requires only one meiotic division which results in four male gametes while the formation of four female gametes requires four meiotic divisions. So, the five meiotic divisions result in four seeds thus 500 meiotic divisions result in 400 seeds.

How many meiotic divisions are required to produce 1000 gametes?

1meiotic division leads to formation of 4 male gametes this for the formation of 1000 male gametes 250 meiotic divisions are required .

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How many meiotic divisions are necessary for formation of 60 sperm?

A zygote is diploid (2n) in nature and is formed during the fertilization of male gamete with the female gamete. For 50 zygotes, 50 male and 50 female gametes are required. Therefore, 13 meiotic divisions during spermatogenesis produce 52 sperms and 50 meiotic divisions during oogenesis produces 50 eggs.

How many meiotic divisions are necessary for formation of 80 sperm?

Answer: The number of ‘meiotic divisions’ that are necessary for the production of 80 sperms is 20. Explanation: During the process of spermatogenesis, the haploid sperms are produced by the meiotic division that occurs.

How many meiotic divisions are required to produce 480 seeds?

One seed will be formed from one sperm and one egg. Thus,we need 480 eggs and so it will have 480 meiotic divisions and we need 480 sperms from the 120 meiotic divisions ( one pollen mother cell produces 4 pollen grains from 1 meiotic division).

How many male gametes can 4 pollen mother cells produce?

The answer is 16* because one pollen mother cell may produce 4 gametes.

Why is meiosis called Heterotypic division?

The number of chromosomes is reduced to half during this division. … The number of chromosomes in the gametes is always n. So, meiosis I is called as heterotypic division as, the number of chromosomes are reduced into half in this division.

How many mitotic divisions are required to produce 100 seeds?

Only one fuses with egg to produce zygote, becomes seed containing embryo. To form 100 seeds, 100 generative cells are required which are ptoduced by 100 mitotic divisions in microspore.

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Are the two daughter cells diploid or haploid?

Each daughter cell is haploid and has only one set of chromosomes, or half the total number of chromosomes of the original cell. Meiosis II is a mitotic division of each of the haploid cells produced in meiosis I.

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