How many chromosomes are present at anaphase of a cell contains 20 chromosomes at the start of meiosis?

If there are 20 centromeres seen in anaphase, then there are 20 chromosomes in the dividing cell. Thus each pole of the dividing cell will receive 10 chromatids: each chromatid will now become a chromosome for daughter cell.

How many chromosomes are present at anaphase of a cell contains 16 chromosomes at the start of meiosis?

During anaphase, we now have a total of 16 chromosomes and 16 chromatids – in short, each chromatid is now a chromosome. Similarly, in humans, there are 92 chromosomes present and 92 chromatids during anaphase. These numbers remain the same during telophase.

What would be the number of chromosomes during anaphase I if there are 20 chromatids in each daughter nucleus at prophase II?

Hence, answer is ‘10 chromosomes‘.

Is there are 20 centromeres in a cell at anaphase how many chromosomes are there in each daughter cell following cytokinesis?

Each chromatid becomes a daughter chromosome after separation. This helps us understand why the cell continues to divide and cannot be separated into two daughter cells by cytokinesis. If there are 20 centromeres in anaphase, there are 20 chromosomes within the dividing cell.

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How many chromosomes do human daughter cells have?

At the end of mitosis, the two daughter cells will be exact copies of the original cell. Each daughter cell will have 30 chromosomes. At the end of meiosis II, each cell (i.e., gamete) would have half the original number of chromosomes, that is, 15 chromosomes. 2.

What stage are chromosomes doubled?

S phase (DNA Synthesis) – Each of the 46 chromosomes are duplicated by the cell. III. G2 phase (Gap 2) – The Cell “double checks” the duplicated chromosomes for error, making any needed repair.

What is the chromosome number of daughter cells in meiosis?

Now there are two daughter cells, each with 23 chromosomes (23 pairs of chromatids). In each of the two daughter cells the chromosomes condense again into visible X-shaped structures that can be easily seen under a microscope.

How many chromosomes if there are 10 centromeres?

Centromeres are the attachment points for two replicated sister chromatids and appear only when DNA replication occurs. That is, the normal number of chromosomes in the cell is 10, and there are normally 5 chromosome pairs.

How many chromosomes does each daughter cell have after cytokinesis?

During Interphase, the DNA is copied. Hence, there are 2 copies of one chromosome. This means that there are now 46 pairs of chromosome in the parent cell. However, during cytokinesis, the cell divides itself into two, meaning that each daughter cell are left with 23 pairs of chromosomes or 46 chromosomes.

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