Frequent question: What is the outcome of mitosis?

During mitosis, a eukaryotic cell undergoes a carefully coordinated nuclear division that results in the formation of two genetically identical daughter cells.

What is the end result in mitosis?

Mitosis results in two identical daughter cells, whereas meiosis results in four sex cells.

What is the outcome of mitosis quizlet?

Mitosis results in the production of two genetically identical diploid cells. 2 identical daughter cells identical to the parent cell. Mitosis – Nuclear division in eukaryotes leading to the formation of two daughter nucleic, each with a chromosome complement identical to that of the original nucleus.

What is the outcome of mitosis Brainly?

Explanation: Mitosis is a type of cell division during which two identical daughter cells are produced from a single parent cell. During mitosis, replicated chromosomes are divided into 2 new nuclei, It gives rise to identical cells with the same number of chromosomes.

Why is mitosis important what is the end result of mitosis?

Explanation: Mitosis and meiosis result daughter cells for growth, development and reproduction in the living world. Mitosis results similar daughter cells generally for growth and development. … The resultant daughter haploid cells unite during the fertilization process and retains the diploid number of chromosomes.

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What is the end result of mitosis and cytokinesis and why is it so important?

The end result of mitosis and cytokinesis is two new cells that are identical to the original mother cell. It is important that the new cells be able to carry out the same function as the mother cell. … The cell would be divided into two cells. One cell would have a nucleus and chromosomes, and the other cell would not.

What is the end result of cell division?

The end result is four daughter cells called haploid cells. Haploid cells only have one set of chromosomes – half the number of chromosomes as the parent cell. … Just like in mitosis, the parent cell uses this time to prepare for cell division by gathering nutrients and energy and making a copy of its DNA.

What are the three functions of mitosis quizlet?

Mitosis three main functions are growth and repair of cells, and asexual reproduction for the single celled organisms.

What is the end result of meiosis Brainly?

Meiosis / end result:

Meiosis is a cell reproduction method, which means that the end result of meiosis are four daughter cells.

Why is mitosis important to organisms check all that apply?

reproduction of new cells

In the reproduction of the organism, mitosis is required in the generation of daughter cells in sexual reproduction. … When a cell has been damaged, it is eliminated through apoptosis and digestion after which new cells divide by mitosis to replace the damaged cell.

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