Can we see chromosomes under light microscope?

During prophase, the chromosomes in a cell’s nucleus condense to the point that they can be viewed using a light microscope.

Are chromosomes seen under light microscope?

Chromosomes, composed of protein and DNA, are distinct dense bodies found in the nucleus of cells. During most of the cell cycle, interphase, the chromosomes are somewhat less condensed and are not visible as individual objects under the light microscope. …

Why is a chromosome visible under a light microscope?

In order to ensure that the chromosomes are properly moved and separated during mitosis, they become tightly wrapped, making them thicker and eventually visible under a microscope.

Can we see DNA with a microscope?

Chromosomes, the spiraling strands of DNA that package the series of chemical bits called genes, are easily visible through a strong enough microscope if the right stain is used. In fact, the development in the 19th century of aniline dyes that make the chromosomes stand out led to their discovery.

Why are the chromosomes not visible in most cell?

No , chromosomes are not visible during the Interphase of cell cycle bcoz of more water content in the nucleus. As water content is more in the nucleus . they appear as fine thread like structures called chromatin , which condenses ( Loose water ) to form compact structures called chromosomes.

Are chromosomes visible?

Chromosomes are not visible in the cell’s nucleus—not even under a microscope—when the cell is not dividing. However, the DNA that makes up chromosomes becomes more tightly packed during cell division and is then visible under a microscope.

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What is it called when chromosomes appear?

prophase. a cell division begins, the chromatin threads coil and shorten so that visible bar like bodies (chromosomes) appear.

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