Can meiosis occur in triploid cells?

Meiosis in triploids results in four highly aneuploid gametes because six copies of each homolog must be segregated into four meiotic products. … Strains derived from some of the aneuploid spore colonies had very high frequencies of mitotic chromosome loss, resulting in genetically diverse populations of cells.

Can triploid cells undergo meiosis?

Triploid plants can and do go through meiosis (cite). Of course, their fertility is lowered with most gametes being aneuploids (uneven number of chromosomes), however, triploid plants also produce small numbers of euploids (1x, 2x, 3x)(Fig 1 of the above cited source).

Can mitosis occur in a triploid cell?

Any cell can divide by mitosis – haploid, triploid, even aneuploid cells.

Why can’t triploid cells reproduce?

In triploid, the lack of seed development is due to the pollination failure and or non functional egg/sperm which made them sterile.

Is banana a triploid?

For example, the common banana is triploid. In other words, it has three sets of chromosomes. Instead of having one set of chromosomes from each parent, it has two sets from one parent and one set from the other parent. … Bananas, too, are parthenocarpic and produce fruit in the absence of successful fertilization.

Why can triploid cells complete meiosis?

triploid Describing a nucleus, cell, or organism that has three times (3n) the haploid number (n) of chromosomes (see also polyploid). Triploid organisms are normally sterile as their lack of homologous chromosomes prevents pairing during meiosis.

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Does polyploidy occur in humans?

Polyploid cells are found in diverse taxa (Fox and Duronio, 2013; Edgar et al., 2014), and in fact entire organisms can be polyploid, or polyploid cells can exist in otherwise diploid organisms (endopolyploidy). In humans, polyploid cells are found in critical tissues, such as liver and placenta.

Which of the following is triploid?

Thus, the correct answer is ‘Maize endosperm. ‘

What is the effect of triploid?

Infants affected with triploidy have heart defects, abnormal brain development, adrenal and kidney defects (cystic kidneys), spinal cord malformations (neural tube defects) and abnormal facial features (widely spaced eyes, low nasal bridge, low-set malformed ears, small jaw, absent/small eye, and cleft lip and palate).

Why are triploids seedless?

Seedless watermelons are triploid (3X) which causes them to be sterile, or seedless. The triploid seeds are created by crossing a normal diploid (2X) melon as the pollinator with a tetraploid (4X) parent. Each parent contributes half its respective chromosomes, 1X from one parent and 2X from the other.

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