Best answer: What is the relationship between a pair of homologous chromosomes?

A homologous chromosome pertains to one of a pair of chromosomes with the same gene sequence, loci, chromosomal length, and centromere location. A homologous pair consists of one paternal and one maternal chromosome. In humans, there are a total of 46 chromosomes in the nucleus of a somatic cell.

What is the relationship between homologous chromosomes quizlet?

Homologous chromosomes are two sister chromatids stuck together with cohesions forming a tetrad. They have the same genes but not necessarily the same alleles, so they could carry hair color, one with brown the other with blonde. So, homologous chromosomes share the same gene.

What is the relationship between the two sister chromatids of a single chromosome?

The two sister chromatids of a single chromosome are genetically identical. One is the duplicated version of the other, replicated during the S phase.

What happens when two homologous chromosomes pair up?

A tetrad forms when homologous chromosomes pair up during synapsis. 2. Crossing over and random alignment of tetrads provides variation during cell division.

What is the same in all parts of homologous chromosomes?

Homologous chromosomes are similiar but not identical. Each carries the same genes in the same order, but the alleles for each trait may not be the same. … The maternal and paternal chromosomes in a homologous pair have the same genes at the same loci, but possibly different alleles.

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What is the relationship between diploid cells and homologous chromosomes?

Homologous chromosomes are matched pairs containing genes for the same traits in identical locations along their length. Diploid organisms inherit one copy of each homologous chromosome from each parent; all together, they are considered a full set of chromosomes.

What is the main difference between chromatin and chromosomes?

Chromatin is a complex formed by histones packaging the DNA double helix. Chromosomes are structures of proteins and nucleic acids found in the living cells and carry genetic material. Chromatin is composed of nucleosomes. Chromosomes are composed of condensed chromatin fibers.

What is the difference between sister and non sister chromatids?

A sister chromatid is either one of the two chromatids of the same chromosome joined together by a common centromere. … Non-sister chromatids, on the other hand, refers to either of the two chromatids of paired homologous chromosomes, that is, the pairing of a paternal chromosome and a maternal chromosome.

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