Best answer: Is a secondary oocyte haploid or diploid?

The secondary oocyte is the cell that is formed by meiosis I in oogenesis. Thus, it has only one of each pair of homologous chromosomes. In other words, it is haploid. However, each chromosome still has two chromatids, making a total of 46 chromatids (1N but 2C).

What is the difference between a primary oocyte and a secondary oocyte?

The oogonia become primary oocytes during oogenesis.

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Primary oocyte Secondary oocyte
It is surrounded by secondary follicles It is surrounded by tertiary follicles.

What is the secondary oocyte?

Medical Definition of secondary oocyte

: an oocyte that is produced by division of a primary oocyte in the first meiotic division.

What is one difference between a primary oocyte and a secondary oocyte in humans quizlet?

What is one difference between a primary oocyte and a secondary oocyte in humans? A primary oocyte contains 46 chromosomes, while a secondary oocyte contains 23 chromosomes. A primary oocyte is produced after birth, while a secondary oocyte is produced before birth.

What is the function of a secondary oocyte?

The secondary oocyte also functions to promote fertilization. It releases molecules that guide the sperm and allow the surface of the egg to attach to the surface of the sperm. The egg can then absorb the sperm, allowing fertilization to occur.

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What are the characteristics of secondary oocyte?

The smaller cell is called the first polar body, and the larger cell is referred to as the secondary oocyte. During the second division of meiosis, a similar unequal cytokinesis takes place. Most of the cytoplasm is retained by the mature egg (ovum), and a second polar body receives little more than a haploid nucleus.

What is the difference between a primary and secondary follicle?

A primary follicle is an immatured ovarian follicle surrounded by single layer of cuboidal cells. … Secondary follicles consists of many layers of cuboidal cells known as membrana granulosa cells.It secreates follicular fluid.

When a secondary oocyte divides What are the two cells it will produce?

During meiosis 2, the secondary oocyte divides unevenly, with 1 cell (the ovum) receiving half of the chromosomes and nearly all the cytoplasm and organelles, while the other cell, the polar body, is much smaller and eventually degenerates.

At what point does the secondary oocyte complete meiosis?

Explanation: The secondary oocyte completes meiosis II only when fertilized by a spermatozoan. After fertilization is initiated, the secondary oocyte begins its second meiotic division, resulting in the formation of a mature ovum and another polar body. At this point, the ovum is ready to fuse with the spermatozoan.

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