Best answer: How do changes in histone modifications lead to changes in chromatin?

They help recruit other proteins to the chromatin. How do changes in histone modifications lead to changes in chromatin structure? … They use energy derived from ATP hydrolysis to change the relative position of the DNA and the core histone octamer.

Can histone modifications lead to chromatin remodeling?

Like remodeling enzymes, histone modifiers commonly function in macromolecular complexes that contribute to their genetic and biochemical specificity. Histone modification machinery and the modifications themselves are implicated in essentially all chromatin-templated events.

Are histone modifications reversible?

Histone modifications are reversible and dynamically changing from activating to repressing patterns, and cross talk between modifications has been observed. Histone acetylation patterns are altered in cancer.

Why is chromatin only found in eukaryotes?

Chromatin is only found in eukaryotic cells, with prokaryotic cells having a different arrangement of their genetic material called a genophore – a chromosome that doesn’t contain chromatin.

What is the function of histone modification?

Histone modification is one of the regulatory mechanisms that modulate the chromatin structure and thereby affect various DNA-templated processes, such as gene transcription, DNA replication, DNA recombination, and DNA repair in cells.

How does chromatin affect gene expression?

Chromatin structure plays a key role in regulating gene expression by allowing DNA accessibility to transcriptional machinery and transcription factors [12].

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